Advance Your Performance With Yokohama Advan Tires

So you just took possession of your new dream sports car. Did you go with the 911, the M3, the TT, the Supra, or maybe the Lotus. Now you have to ask yourself which tires are you going to use on your new pride and joy? Maybe you should consider a tire from the Yokohama Advan line of performance tires. Yokohama has produced original equipment tires for many sports car companies like BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, and Lotus just to name a few. Yokohama has also provided DOT competition tires for for the Lotus Exige line of street and track cars. 

There are different levels of performance you can look at including Extreme Performance, Max Performance, Ultra high performance, High performance all season, High performance summer only, and DOT Competition tires. Below you can see all the different tread designs in the Yokohama Advan family.

Extreme Performance Summer Only

Yokohama Advan Neova AD07

Yokohama Advan Neova AD08

Max Performance Summer Tire

Yokohama Advan Sport

Ultra High Performance Summer only

Yokohama Advan A043

Yokohama Advan A046

Yokohama Advan A10A

Yokohama Advan A10F

Yokohama Advan A13C

Ultra High Performance All Season

Yokohama Advan A82A

Yokohama Advan S4

High Performance Summer only

Yokohama Advan A11A

Yokohama Advan A680

Streetable Track & Competition

Yokohama Advan A048

Performance Truck summer only

Yokohama Advan S.T.


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