Winterforce in the Winter

My Blazer had Winterforce tires installed when I purchased it.  Here is the information I offer when customers call with questions about this tire from my first hand feeling for how good these snow tires really are.

The Good

Their deep and light snow traction is very good.  I found that braking, acceleration and turning can be done with little concern. 

The Bad

The ice traction of these tires is not as strong.  I think my all-seasons are almost as good when it comes to stopping on ice.  I have experienced many ABS-assisted stops this winter.  My performance winters, Dunlop Winter Sport 3D, have much better ice traction ability. The Winterforce are also on the noisy side.  The Winterforce can be studded to give them much greater traction on ice.  This will make them nosier still, and not as good on wet or dry roads.  Also, studding is not allowed in all areas.

The Conclusion

The redeeming features of the Winterforce tires are that they are a competent winter tire at an inexpensive price.  Even though they aren't the best, they are a much better overall tire for the winter than any all-season option.  If you can upgrade to a better tire like the Bridgestone Blizzaks I would suggest it.  That is what I am going to do next winter. 

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