Testing Winters Tires in the Summer?!

I recently tested the following winter tires:

The fact we were testing snows at this time of year seemed odd at first considering it was sunny and warm.  I know that people often do drive their snow tires when it is dry and warm as well as when it is dry and cold so I began to see the value in the test.

I liked the Blizzak tires the best.  The LM-60, a performance snow tire, provided the best handling as I expected.  The WS-60 also provided very stable road handling for a snow and ice tire.  Both were quiet with good ride comfort. 

I would put the Continental in the middle and the Dunlop in last with respect to ride comfort and road handling.  The Dunlop was better than the previous model but I still felt as though the tires were made of JELL-O.

One thing to note is that snow tires are only recommended to be used in the winter.  They will wear much quicker in warmer temperatures. 

I look forward to testing them on ice soon!

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