Performance of Performance Winter Tires

I purchased the Dunlop Winter Sport 3D in size 235/40-18 for the front and rear of my BMW 335i.  These tires are part of the performance winter tire category.  As a whole, performance winter tires handle well but give up some traction compared to standard winter tires.
My experience has been mixed.  They do deliver on the handling and perform well in light and moderate snow.  I live in an area where we can get a lot of lake affect and system snow so they are not the ideal type of tire for the worst of those conditions.  I have not had issues braking but sometimes getting going can be troublesome, especially on inclines.  I know that my car has a lot to do with this though.  

The tread life on the tires has been good.  I am starting my 3rd season with them and they still have an acceptable amount of tread left.

The bottom line..........if you have to drive through a lot of ice and deep snow performance snow tires are not the best choice.  I would suggest going with a standard snow like the Bridgestone Blizzak WS-60.  If you don't have to frequently drive through severe winter conditions and want a tire that preserves a lot of the handling of your performance tread then tires like the Winter Sport 3D are a great choice.

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