New Wheels for Your Vehicle

It's midsummer and there's still plenty of time to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle with new wheels. Changing wheels is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact on the appearance of your vehicle. Compare the Audi below with factory wheels (top) to one equipped with Verde's Parallax in a 19" size (bottom). Upsizing and changing the style really...  Read More

Is it OK to Mix Tires?

I often speak to customers about mixing tires on their vehicle due to the fact that either their front or rear pair have worn out before the other pair. In most cases, they don't want the same type of tire.   There are a variety of reason why people don't want matching pairs, such as lack of availability of their current tires, price or they just don't like...  Read More

What are the Quietest Tires?

Are you looking for a quiet tire? Today's tire manufacturers know many drivers want something they can drive, not hear. That's why they spend many resources designing tires that try to minimize it. Take a look at some quiet options from a few popular performance categories. Generally speaking, if a person stresses they want a tire that is quiet, I would...  Read More

What is Rim Offset?

Many drivers call or email us to ask about offset. They want to know what it means and how it affects the wheel options we list on our site. Rim or wheel offset is the distance from the centerline of the wheel to its mounting surface. Offset is measured in millimeters and can be a positive, negative or zero designation.   Zero offset indicates the mounting...  Read More

How Old Are My Tires and How Long Will They Last ?

When it comes to questions about tire aging, the most common are: How do I determine the age of my tires? How old are the tires I want to purchase? How long do tires last? The way to determine the age of a tire is easy once you know what to look for. Every tire has an identification number starting with "DOT", followed by a series of numbers and letters with...  Read More

Are Kumho Tires Good?

Many customers often ask me if Kumho tires are good and worth considering. I tell them that Kumho makes good performing tires at a lower price level than some of its competitors. In many categories, Kumho offers a great option that many of our sales specialists recommend to drivers on a daily basis. Standard Touring All-Season The Solus KR21 is one of...  Read More

Comparing Michelin vs. Goodyear Tires

Michelin and Goodyear both make very good products and offer a large selection of tires for driver's cars, trucks and SUVs. In the Grand Touring All-Season category, Goodyear offers the Assurance ComforTred Touring while Michelin provides customers with the Primacy MXM4. As you can see below, Michelin's offering performed better in our testing. "There's...  Read More

What Brake Rotors are Best?

A key component in your brake system is the rotor. A rotor's primary job is to dissipate the heat caused by braking. Eventually the rotor's thickness will wear down to the point where replacement is needed or they need to be replaced due to warping. Which rotors are best for you will depend on your budget and needs.  Standard rotors, like those offered from Ce...  Read More

How to Determine If Your Tires are Run-Flats

Run-flat tires have become standard equipment on many vehicles. Some cars of the same general model will have certain versions that come with run-flats while others do not. It can certainly get confusing for people who aren't familiar with different vehicle and tire models.  All run-flat tires have a designation on the sidewall that indicates they are not...  Read More

Trying to Catch a Brake

Last year my car's brakes started making that sound that lets you know a replacement was needed soon. Since I own a Toyota Avalon, I wasn't in the market for anything performance oriented. I opted for the Centric Plain 120 Series Rotors and Posi Quiet Ceramic Pads for the front and rear. The rotors and pads are Original Equipment replacements that would...  Read More

Best Tires for Roadrace and Autocross Events

With spring here, many drivers are getting ready to purchase tires for roadrace or autocross use.   For those who want tires they'll use mostly on the street, but want to do some racing, the Extreme Performance Summer category offers some good options. Tires in this performance category won't give you the fastest lap times compared to competition tires,...  Read More

Wheel Sizes That Fit Your Car

When looking for wheel sizes that fit a vehicle, many people often start by searching on Google. With our extensive fitment database, all you need to do is search by vehicle on our site and view the options that are a match for what you drive. Our engineering department measures the vehicle's components and evaluates which wheels will fit correctly. Items we...  Read More

Deciding Between Run-Flat and Non-Run-Flat Tires

Many vehicles come equipped with run-flat tires from the manufacturer. Our sales specialists receive many calls from drivers asking if they can replace their run-flat tires with non-run-flat options. There are a few pros and cons when it comes to changing to a non-run-flat tire. Pros: Conventional tires are typically less expensive Better ride quality Longer...  Read More

Hankook's Latest All-Season Performance Tire, the Ventus S1 noble2

Hankook has introduced a new Ultra High Performance All-Season tire with the Ventus S1 noble2. It appears it'll be a superior option to the Ventus V4 ES H105. The Ventus S1 noble2 has an asymmetric tread design compared to the directional design of the V4 ES H105. This offers you the ability to fully rotate the tires on the vehicle to maximize treadlife. In...  Read More

When Should I Remove My Winter / Snow Tires?

People often ask when they should put on and remove their winter / snow tires. Typically, the time most drivers have their winter tires on their vehicle is from late November to early April. It's important to use them only during the winter months in an attempt to maximize their treadlife. As illustrated in the photo below, tread depth is one of the most...  Read More

Summer Tire Showdown

Two popular Max Performance Summer tires are being replaced this year, the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 and the Bridgestone RE050A Pole Position. Listed below are the two tires and their replacements: Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Benefits & Features of the Pilot Super Sport: Better handling inspired by the same engineering that has powered...  Read More

Springs and Shocks for Spring

Are you looking to improve the suspension on your vehicle? With options available from companies such as H&R, Eibach and Koni, Tire Rack has the products to improve your vehicle's appearance and handling.   An entry-level introduction to improving your vehicle's appearance and handling is to purchase a set of lowering springs and performance dampers.If you...  Read More

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Building on the characteristics of the Pilot Sport PS2, Michelin is preparing to release their newest product in the Max Performance Summer tire category. The Pilot Super Sport is designed to enhance your vehicle's performance and safety, while delivering durability, handling and traction with increased tread life.  The tire highlights Michelin's...  Read More

Check Your Pressure

With cold temperatures dominating our forecasts, it is important to monitor your tire's air pressure. Tire Rack offers a variety of air gauges to meet your needs. Accutire Digital Set Point - Allows you to store your vehicle's pressure information and incorporates a small flashlight at the top of the gauge. If you are looking for something smaller, consider:A...  Read More

Shopping for Wheels by Vehicle

Why is it best to search for wheels by your specific vehicle?  Our experience indicates that searching by wheel size, offset and bolt pattern alone are not specific enough criteria to ensure an exact fitment. Tire Rack uses sophisticated tools to create extremely accurate readings for proper fitment. With many wheel/vehicle combinations, each wheel is...  Read More