Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Michelin Pilot Super SportBuilding on the characteristics of the Pilot Sport PS2, Michelin is preparing to release their newest product in the Max Performance Summer tire category. The Pilot Super Sport is designed to enhance your vehicle's performance and safety, while delivering durability, handling and traction with increased tread life.  

The tire highlights Michelin's Bi-Compound tread rubber featuring the dry compound outboard side-by-side with their latest generation of wet compound inboard. The low-void outboard shoulder features a track-type compound to withstand the stresses of high performance cornering while the center ribs and inboard shoulder feature a compound designed for superior performance at very high speeds and in wet conditions.

The internal improvements feature twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wound polyamide cords that offer a lightweight, high-strength reinforcement above the steel belts to enhance high-speed handling, wear and durability.

The Pilot Super Sport offers weight savings of up to 10% compared to tires of similar dimensions. This reduces unsprung weight to improve your vehicle's handling.  

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