Michelin Defender Reviewed

The Michelin Defender has been on the market since last year and is a very popular choice for drivers looking for a good touring all-season tire for their family car, minivan or small crossover.  

Defender tires have a 90,000-mile treadlife warranty for T- and H-speed rated options and an 80,000-mile treadlife warranty for the V-rated tire. They also enhance fuel economy by meeting Michelin's Green X low rolling resistance objectives. 

Michelin Defender
Michelin Defender

Currently ranked as the top tire in the Standard Touring All-Season category and receives high marks in the following categories:

  • Hydroplaning Resistance
  • Dry Traction
  • Cornering Stability
  • Ride Comfort
  • Noise Comfort
  • Treadwear 

The Defender performed well during our testing. We really liked how well the tire handled and rode. It had very low road noise and was quiet while driving over bumps. The tire also handled very well with quick steering response and precise cornering. When it came to wet traction, the Defender was not quite as good as the other tires tested. At the limit, it didn't feel as controllable as the other tires. 

For a complete recap of our test, read "Testing Passenger and Touring All-Season Tires."

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