All-Season VS Winter Tires

Some people think that all-season tires are just fine for the winter. I decided to find out how much difference there really is. 

I kept the General Grabber HTS tires on my Blazer through the first part of the winter. I must say they provided excellent snow traction and handling with their main weakness being ice traction. 

I almost didn't change to the snows until the weather took a turn for the worse. I decided to install a set of the Firestone Winterforce snow tires. The Winterforce did make a noticeable difference in the deeper snow but not as much on the ice. I attribute that difference more to the tires themselves rather than their type. The Winterforce can be studded to improve its ice traction but I would rather have a different model like the Bridgestone Blizzak. 

In summary, a set of four winter / snow tires are the only way to go if you want to maximize your wintertime safety and driving enjoyment! 


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