Welcome to Cody's Corner

Welcome to Cody's Corner. This is a good space to discuss anything car related, or just a place to catch up on the ramblings of a car nut.As a little background let me explain where I'm coming from. I've been certified car crazy for some time now and have a job where i can play and talk cars. Short of working on the BBC's "Top Gear" this is a pretty sweet...  Read More

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Sizes

Designed to help sports cars, sporty coupes, performance sedans and supercars achieve their full potential, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport provides superior performance at very high speeds and in wet conditions. With most sizes scheduled to be released in early April, a tentative list of sizes for the Michelin Pilot Super Sport can be found below.   215/45-17...  Read More

Extreme Weather and Your Tires

When was the last time you checked your tire's air pressure? If the answer is some time last season, get the air pressure gauge out and take an accurate reading. Did you know your tire pressure can dip 1 psi for every 10ºF drop in temperature. The change in air temperature could mean your tire's air pressure is significantly lower than the recommended...  Read More

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is Coming

Christmas may be over, but the elves at Michelin are busy making toys for us big boys and girls. They are feverishly making the new Pilot Super Sport for its spring debut in the North American aftermarket. While there still isn't any official sizing information available they should have a strong initial release. The Pilot Super Sport has the latest in tire...  Read More

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Behold the new hotness from Michelin. The Pilot Super Sport will replace the gracefully aging Pilot Sport PS2, and the first ones are just hitting the market. What better way than on the rediculously amazing 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO. That means right now the only confirmed sizes are 285/30-20 and 315/35-20, but fear not, eventually we should start seeing more...  Read More

Winter Tire Traction: Are Yours Up to the Task This Winter?

So you made the jump to winter tires a couple seasons back and saw the proverbial light. Fantastic. I'm sure experiencing the added traction and safety these past winters has you singing the praises of your winter tire of choice. However, are they up to the task for this coming season?Winter tires have three main components that contribute to their glorious...  Read More

TPMS Warning Light: Know What it Means

I stumbled upon a USA Today article about tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). It had a large picture of a symbol I'm used to seeing in the tire industry, but it seems the consumer is far less aware of its meaning. The article goes on to reveal that Shrader (a large manufacture of TPMS systems) did a study that found a third of drivers didn't know what...  Read More

Torquing Wheels in a Star Pattern

It's not a law, but if you ask me it should be, and for good reason. Unevenly torqued wheels can cause uneven brake pad deposits, irregular brake and rotor wear and eventually can contribute to the dreaded virbation during braking. If the wheel isnt secured properly it can immediatly cause a vibration during normal driving conditions that can be misdiagnosed...  Read More

Bombardier NEV Tires

Having a hard time finding tires for your Bombardier NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle)? Customers sometimes assume this vehicle’s golf cart appearance means it has golf cart tires, or perhaps ATV tires. In fact many use a standard car tire similar to the Ford Festiva. Make sure you double check all of your vehicle’s tire specs before buying, but the Yokoham...  Read More

Under Pressure

Being the designated car guy in the family, I always get asked to "check my tire pressure," from friends and family. I usually answer "not right now" not because I'm a mean guy but because the question comes usually a couple hours after they arrive. I'll explain that I'm really a nice guy and would be happy to check their tire pressure but we need to wait...  Read More

Just Say No to Tire Cracking

Surface cracked tires are no longer the plague of RV owners and Classic cars. Tires today can last to the 80-100 thousandth mile. When exposed to sunlight and the elements they can develop those small cracks often referred to as weather checking,ozone cracking, or just plain sidewall cracking. Slight surface cracking can be just cosmetic but keep in mind...  Read More

Smooth Operator

I'm sure you've felt it before...your car is shaking as you drive down the highway and it's anything but reassuring. While this can be a symptom of several mechanical issues with your drive train or brakes, the first thing you may want to check are your wheels and tires.Wheels and tires need to be balanced and optimized as a single unit. No tire is perfectly...  Read More