Where is the Best Place to Get Tires Installed?

Tire Rack is truly your one-stop shop for your vehicle's tires and wheels. With a wide selection to choose from, our website is tailored to help you make the best choice to fit your specific needs, however the service doesn't stop there. At Tire Rack, we know that a reasonably priced, quality installation is needed to make your tire buying experience complete. Buying tires and getting them installed is as easy as a few key strokes. 

  1. Use our extensive website to research the tire which most suits your needs at a price you can afford. We have a large amount of customer reviews, survey results and test results to help make your decision easier.
  2. Once you have chosen the perfect tire, you can elect to have the tires shipped directly to one of our 8,000+ Recommended Installers. If you'd like to see the list of installers before checkout you can click on the installation tab at the top or bottom of our home page. Once you have entered your zip code, a complete list of your nearest installers, as well as their pricing will be displayed. And, as always, you have the option to ship to your own mechanic or even to your home.
  3. Next, contact the installer and set up an installation time that's convenient for you.

Get started finding the right tire for your car or truck by shopping by vehicle.


Sunday, May 5, 2013 by john t francis

want to buy tires and have installed
Monday, May 6, 2013 by Zig

Sure, John just use the link below and enter your zip code and the website will display a full list of recommended installers:

Friday, October 25, 2013 by Larry Parmeter

O.E. Tires for a 2008 Porsche 997 twin turbo cab, with non ceramic brakes
Thursday, May 17, 2018 by danny

There is a long list of recommended installers. I called a couple and they had drastically different prices. I don't want to get ripped off but don't know the average cost. This is getting frustrating...

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