Need the Best Braking Power for Autocross or Lapping Days? Consider Dedicated Track Only Brake Pads.

Upgrading a vehicle's braking system is one of the easiest ways to increase driving performance and decrease lap times for any track event. The most common mindset a driver has is: "I need to make my track car go faster," but top-speed or acceleration is only half of the battle. Just because a track car is the fastest doesn't mean it'll finish first.  

The fastest car on the track will get you from corner to corner faster, but if the braking system is lacking in power the driver will need to brake sooner and for longer than a slower competitor with an upgraded braking system. Therefore, while you may be blazing by competitors on the straight-aways or make up time in between turns in an autocross event, the car with the better stopping power can carry a higher speed for longer into a turn, thus decreasing overall lap times. Decelerating is just as important to a track car as accelerating.


Hawk Blue 9012 Track Only Pads
Hawk Blue 9012 Track Only Pads
Hawk DTC60 Track Only Pads
Hawk DTC60 Track Only Pads

The easiest way to upgrade the braking system on any track car is to switch to a dedicated track only pad. These pads are not intended for street use as the friction material is too aggressive for everyday use, creating more brake dust and noise than your typical brake pad. However, they provide an unparalleled amount of stopping power that no street pad can match.

For lower speed autocross events and casual lapping days, Hawk has the Blue 9012 Track Only Pads and slightly less aggressive Black Track Only Pads. If you'll be autocrossing, lapping or road racing at higher speeds then consider the Hawk HT-10, DTC70, HT-14 and DTC60 pads.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013 by Chris

I have been using Pagid yellow up front and Pagid black on the rears of my cayman s and would like to know what would be the comparable in the HAWK brand
Monday, July 1, 2013 by Zig

I don't sell the Pagid brand pads and have very little experience with them, so I couldn't really compare the 2 brands. I can assure you the Hawk Performance pads we carry are some of the very best on the market and will not disappoint when it comes for Track/Race level braking. Earlier this year Hawk was named Official Brake Pad of Pirelli World Challenge Championships. These are SCCA Pro level drivers who use the same Hawk products on their race vehicles.

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