Michelin's Premier A/S Features New EverGrip Technology

Michelin's newest Grand Touring All-Season tire, the Premier A/S is designed to be "Safe When New. Safe When Worn." The Premier A/S is replacing the widely popular Primacy MXV4. Premier A/S tires aim to give drivers unparalleled traction, whether the tire is new or worn down.

The Michelin Premier A/S uses an extreme silica and sunflower oil enhanced tread compound to increase traction in wet and cold temperatures. This compound is molded into a symmetric tread design featuring a continuous center rib flanked by notched intermediate ribs and linked shoulder blocks to deliver straight-line tracking and responsive dry-road handling.

Michelin EverGrip Technology adds Expanding Rain Grooves around the tire’s circumference and Emerging Grooves across the shoulders. As the tire wears, the Expanding Rain Grooves widen while Emerging Grooves open up across each shoulder block to help retain more traction in wet and wintry conditions.

The tire offers Michelin Total Performance that utilizes innovative technologies to bring multiple performances together. Combining stopping power, driving control, promised weather appropriateness and enhanced fuel efficiency, Michelin Total Performance tires reduce the influence of traditional trade-offs normally associated with tires. Michelin Total Performance is a promise of Michelin tire excellence.

We had a chance to test the tire when new, as well as when the tread depth was worn down to 5/32". For a recap of our test, read "Michelin Premier A/S Introductory Drive."

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