Introducing the O.Z. Racing Formula HLT

Have you always admired the look of center lock wheels? The clean design born from racing heritage has only been featured on ultra high-end sports cars. O.Z. Racing now offers the Formula HLT wheel, which provides the center lock look without the need for a center lock equipped vehicle.

 OZ Racing Formula HLT
O.Z. Racing Formula HLT
 OZ Racing Formula HLT
O.Z. Racing Formula HLT

Even if the center lock look isn't what you're after, the wheel comes packaged with two center cap options. In addition to the center lock cover plate, O.Z. Racing includes a center cap with their logo which exposes the vehicle's lug pattern.

The Formula HLT is made using O.Z. Racing's High Light Technology (HLT) which according to them is: "The direct result of experience of supply to both F1 from which O.Z. has developed an inimitable knowledge resource at the pinnacle of competitive motorsport. The HLT exclusive manufacturing process achieves mechanical features comparable to those of a forged wheel both in terms of weight reduction and structural strength." During the manufacturing process, rollers are used to compress and elongate the material along with the barrel of a low-pressure cast aluminum wheel to obtain the desired profile. This process, which is directly derived from O.Z.'s experience in F1, produces the Formula HLT to be extremely light and strong.

O.Z. Racing's Formula HLT is offered for a wide array of vehicles including Porsche, BMW and Audi. Currently available in a matte grey finish, the wheel is available in the following sizes:

  • 17"
  • 18"
  • 19"

To see if the O.Z. Racing Formula HLT wheel is available for your vehicle, visit our Upgrade Garage.

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