Winter Tire Testing In Summer?

This week Tire Rack is conducting winter tire testing but the forecast is calling for 80 degrees and sunny skies...and we have not had snow in the last 5 months.
We are heading over to the Ice Box, a local ice rink, to do some winter testing. Unfortunately, we can't test the tires in slushy or deep snow yet, but we do get an extremely good feel for how they do in the worst traction test of the winter -- glare ice.
I would describe glare ice or black ice as a polished ice that is very slippery and many times found at busy intersections with lots of stopping and starting. We have tested some of these tires before, but Bridgestone is bringing their new winter tire the Blizzak WS70 to market for this winter season and we want to compare it to its competition.

A little about the tires we will be testing from the Studless Ice and Snow category.
Looking to be a good testing session this week. Check back to see 2010 winter test results soon.

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