What is a Winter Performance tire? What is a Studless Ice and Snow Tire?

Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 (Studless Ice and Snow Winter tire) vs. Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 (Performance Winter / Snow tire) -- how different can they be? The name and tread looks almost identical. Take a look at the following consumer review on the Blizzak LM 60 Winter Performance tire.

"I am disapopinted with this winter tire. Previously, I dorve a Subaru Outback XT, and my winter tires were Blizzak WS-60s, and that car was bombproof in the snow, even though it was a manual with no traction control and a whiplash-inducing turbo. With my 09 Volvo XC70 and the LM-60s, I never feel as solid as I did with the Subaru on ice or in deep snow, even though the AWD is more sophisticated and with the added electronic nannies of stability control, traction control, and brake distribution to "help" me. I blame this on the tires -- the WS-60s just seemed so much better. The LM-60s are great in rain and light slush, on par with the WS-60s, and handle well in cold, dry conditions...but they just don't measure up to what I expect from the Blizzak series."

This survey paints a good picture of how using a good tire in the wrong situation can lead to a let down for the consumer.  Both the Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 and LM60 are very nice tires when used within the correct environment.

I suspect, if the consumer review author would have selected the Blizzak WS60 again for his Saab he may have mentioned the tires do not handle as well but he could confidently bulldoze through any amount of snow.

These performance category decscriptions can help as you choose tires.

Studless Ice and Snow

These tires feature the latest in tread design and compound technology to provide winter traction without the inconvenience of using studded tires. They trade some handling and high-speed capability for excellent snow and ice traction. With their unique tread compounds and handling capabilities these tires must be used in sets of four.

Winter Performance Tires

These tires are designed to meet the needs of winter driving and are available in low profile sizes. They trade a little ice and snow traction for enhanced handling and high-speed capability. Due to their unique tread compounds and handling capabilities these tires must be used in sets of four.

Check to see which snow tires would be the best option for your vehicle.

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