Comparing Performance With Studs and Without

Last winter Tire Rack conducted a heads-up winter test coGeneral Altimax Arctic (shown unstudded)mparing the General AltiMAX Arctic studded vs. General AltiMAX Arctic non-studded tire. 

Some of the general results we found during the winter test:
  1. General traction improvements on ice
  2. Snow traction didn't improve much with studs
  3. ABS braking performance on dry and wet roads was reduced with studs
If your winter environment offers lots of ice driving, the studs would be attractive. If you see more dry and wet road driving, the studs may not be as attractive.

Check out the full test results. If you like to see all the exact percentages and graphs the test results will be interesting to you as well.

Also, make sure you check to see that your state still does allow studs for winter use. Some states have made it illegal to use studs and others have limited them to seasonal use.

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