Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors for Toyota, Infiniti, Lexus: More to Know

Tire Pressure SensorsTire Rack will install tire pressure monitoring sensors and mount and balance your tires and wheels at no charge. However, there is one more step to complete the install of your new package once it is on your vehicle.

The tire pressure sensors need to be initialized. On most vehicles the process can be completed in just a few minutes by following the instructions in your owner's manual. However, if you are the owner of a Lexus, Infiniti or Toyota, your vehicle needs to have the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring sensors) initialized at the dealership or by a trained installer. Expect to pay $40-$160 depending on exact market and vehicle model.

One other note if you switch your tires out winter to summer. The initilization process needs to be completed each time the tires and wheels switch back and forth. If you are thinking of just leaving the sensors out of one set consider this as well: some states that require a vehicle inspection do require the TPMS system to be functioning. The TPMS warning light will, of course, be on if you leave the sensors out and some vehicles will also have a chime or limit some of the vehicle performance options.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011 by Joe Tymick

looking for tire pressure sensors for my 2010 toyota camry with stock wheels.purchased a set of four new rims off e-bay but when we mounted them last winter I did'nt have any sensors. Can you help, & how much for four. thks

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