The Right Tire When it Counts, Put Those Snow Tires On! It's Winter Time

I was reminded of the limits of my all-season tires during our first snow a few days back. It is important to have the right tire on your vehicle for the conditions. It has been a little warmer than usual so I had not changed my all-season tires to winter / snow tires just yet. 
Winter Tire Tread (Micheiln X-ICE XI2)                                            
Winter Tread


Passenger All Season Tread (Michelin HydroEdge)

All-Season Tread

Your commute to work may include the slipperiest intersection in the county. Mine does too and it happens to be at Vorden and Olive just before I turn into Tire Rack. It's amazing how much easier the drive is with the correct tire on my car. Nothing else had been changed; just the tires and wheels. Next time it snowed I had no problem driving and navigating through the "slipperiest intersection in St. Joe County."  "All-season tires will do all things but nothing particularly well." I will add especially in snow. Snow tires are the best way to go for winter; as we have the least amount of driving experience in the snow. I do recommend and use winter tires on my vehicle.  Take a look at some of the winter / snow tires available at Tire Rack.

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