The Benefits of Winter Tires and Wheels!

A recent consumer review told this story:

"I bought these for a separate set of winter wheels (17s for a BMW 3 Series). My rating is relative to the season, of course. We got record snow in SD last season (about 7 feet over the season). Many of these were heavy/wet snow. I drove the car on several occasions when I probably shouldn't have, but I never got stuck. I changed out my 18" Michelin Pilot Sports on a night with light snow and ice. I could barely move w/the summer tires. I took the car out immediately after the tire change to compare and practically felt like AWD. Of course, you can break them loose and get the car unstable if you try, but they are outstanding for heavy-weather conditions. I had a hard time justifying the price, but I am POSITIVE that they saved me a tow bill or two, and consistently got me where I was going every time (which is worth a little extra, to me). I don't drive much in the winter, but I can barely see any wear on rears (fronts still look new). On dry roads and warmer conditions (30+ degrees), they can be choppy in the corners, but they aren't meant for being aggressive on dry roads, so that is to be expected. Overall, they are VERY GOOD winter tires."

This customer was reviewing the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 which is still available in limited sizes and also available for some BMW and Miata fitments in a run-flat tire option. The Blizzak LM-25 has been replaced by the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60.

I share the contents of this consumer review not to rave about how good the tire is, but to illustrate the concept of a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package. This reviewer was able to wait until snow hit and then change into his winter tires on his time frame and didn't have to pay ($15-$20 per tire) to get them switched at the dealer. (If you are on summer tires, I would recommend switching when the temperatures start to get below 40 degrees.) When switching to a winter package, it's recommended to choose a shorter wheel to get better traction from a slightly narrower tire. A winter package allows owners of sport coupes, sedans, crossovers and SUV vehicles who live in colder climates the ability to get the most out of their vehicle with the tire that can give the most performance relative to the season.

Build your own Winter Tire & Wheel Package if you like or look at our Preferred Package (available for most vehicles).

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