Switching Winter Tires to Summer/All-Season Tires

This weekend was the weekend for me to switch back to my summer tire and wheel set from the winter package. The winter tires where fantastic this winter, but it's time to switch to the summer tire set up. I actually use a Passenger All-Season tire which allows me to run the winters a little shorter during the time when the snow is gone but the temps are not consistently above 40 degrees and vice versa for the fall to winter switch.

I drive an ordinary four-door sedan most of the time. By investing in a set of winter tires and wheels to complement my all-season tires, the capability of my car has been greatly improved. I can now confidently get to my destination on time and stress free. For example, there were a few days this winter it seemed like we were measuring new snow fall in feet per day rather than inches. I never had any trouble getting around or in the spring rains and summer driving trips. My all-season tires handle the wet conditions well, ride quietly and smoothly down the road. Both tires work well in the intended road conditions. Switching summer to winter or winter to summer is also a good time to rotate tires as well. Just mark on them where they need to be placed on the vehicle so you don't forget next season. Also, you may want to check out this Tire Tech article on storing tires correctly.

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