Switching from O.E. Run-Flat Tires to Non Run-Flat Tires

I hear this question often regarding switching from a run-flat tire to a non run-flat tire. 

Year: 2006
Model: 325i
Make: BMW

"Can my run-flat tires be replaced with regular tires without buying new wheels, and would my local installer have the special knowledge or equipment required to do it?"

Yes, you can use a non run-flat tire; they will work well on your stock wheels. Make sure you have a Plan B in place if you do have a flat tire, as many times no spare tire is available from the factory in vehicles originally equipped with run-flat tires.

There are two options available. Either carry a spare tire, a full-size spare, space saver spare, or if you have a winter/summer set of tires and wheels carry one from the off-season (temporary use only!) in your trunk. The second option is to have a product like the ContiComforKit from Continental in your vehicle. This product is an air compressor with a tire sealant inside that can be used to temporarily fix small punctures.

Most of Tire Rack's independent Recommended Installers will have the equipment necessary to handle installation.


Monday, January 9, 2012 by Phil

I just made the switch from oem RFT to nonRFT and am wondering if the manufacturer's Pressure recommendations still stand?

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