Studs In or Out of Tires?

"If I buy studded General AltiMAX Arctic tires can I remove the studs and later reinsert them?"

The tires and studs that Tire Rack sells and uses are designed to stay in the tire once installed. You can run any of the Studdable Winter / Snow tires the Tire Rack supports without studs, but once the studs are installed, removing them is not recommended.  If you have a studded tire and decide the studs are not the way to go you can permanently take them out, but that process is a little difficult and time consuming as each stud would have to be pulled out one-by-one by hand with a pair of pliers. The studding process is an all-in or all-out deal. We do not recommend taking the studs out of the tire with the idea to put them back in later.

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