Sport Edition Rims Make Great Winter Wheels

Sport Edition RimsThe Sport Edition Rims line complements the appearance of many popular vehicles on the market today. Shown here are some of their latest additions -- perfect for a winter tire and wheel package.

Never thought of using a winter tire and wheel package? Now is a great time to do so. Did you know a winter / snow tire and wheel package typically pays for itself and gives you the flexibility to change your tires when you have the time to do so rather than waiting in line at the tire shop where everyone else is waiting to change out their summer tires to winter tires. With a dedicated winter tire and rim package you can change them out at your leisure. 

Think about tire changing prices.  Here at Tire Rack in South Bend, Indiana (which is the only location we offer to change tires) we charge $15 dollars per tire or $60 for the set. Typically, the national average is about $15-$20 each to switch out tires. For this example, we'll use the Tire Rack price of $60 -- or $120 a year to switch from summer to winter and back to summer tires.

Typically you can expect to drive on your snow through about 3-4 winters. Winter Sport Edition Rims are priced at about $99 each ($396 per set). With these numbers you would see your wheels pay for themselves during the third year.

It's a good time to buy Sport Edition Rims for your Tire & Wheel Package today!

Sport Edition CX Silver PaintedSport Edition SX Silver PaintedSport Edition TX5 Silver PaintedSport Edition TX6

Check to see which new Sport Edition Wheel will fit your car now.

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