Shaving Tires for Competition Use

Why shave a brand new competition tire? The short answer is improved performance! Let's look at a few benefits of shaving a competition tire for track events or autocross.
  • Tire shaving will allow a wider contact patch vs. a tire "wore down"
  • Tire shaving reduces tire weight by a few pounds
  • Tire shaving will reduce tire squirm, allowing better tire response and corner handling
  • Tire shaving will reduce heat build up
  • Tire shaving will allow a tire to last longer in competition vs a non-shaved tire.
A new tire that is worn down to 6/32" tread depth will not preform as well as a tire shaved down to 6/32" tread depth. So shaving a tire for competition will improve the tire's performance in dry conditions. Some manufacturers do recommend shaving tires before such use:

Dry AutocrossDry Track
Kumho ECSTA V700RequiredRequired
Kumho VictoRacer V700OptionalRequired
Michelin Pilot Sport CupOptionalOptional
Pirelli P Zero CorsaOptionalRequired
Pirelli P Zero Corsa SystemOptionalRequired
Yokohama A048OptionalOptional
Yokohama A048 LTSOptionalOptional
Yokohama A048 MOptionalOptional

Tire shaving can be added at the time of check out when buying tires online at Tire Rack. Check out some additional information about shaving competition and performance summer tires for competition use.  Shaving Tires for Competition

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