Rims and Tires for Ford Raptor at Tire Rack

Mud tires and Rims! The Ford Raptor comes stock with the 315/70R17 BFGoodrich A/T KO All-Terrain tires. The On/Off Road All Terrains do well in the snow in the sand and can handle wet and dry conditions, But what about the really thick stuff? The BFGs are OK but I have something better in mind. You have a performance truck like non other on the market today get the most out of it with the right mud tire and rim Package. I recommend using a trail set up with Mud tires and Rims. Tire Rack has over 80 Rims that will fit the 2010 Raptor 17 and18 inch and yes you can fit a 22 inch Rim on the Ford F150 Raptor. I would suggest using either the 17 or 18 inch Rims for the mudder set up.

Check the Ford F150 Raptor with 18 inch Mamba M5 Rims and tires
Ford F150 Raptor with Mamba M5 Wheels

A few sizes I would recommend for the 17 inch Rims or the 18 inch Rims.

Rim width range is approximate check each tire for the Manufactures recommended rim width range. Each suggested tire size is approximately 35 inches in overall diameter.

Tire sizes for 17 inch RimsTire sizes for 18 inch Rims

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