Pirelli Scorpion — An All Terrain Tire with Civil, On-Road Manners

Pirelli Scorpion ATRPirelli Scorpion ATR is an all- terrain tire with on-road handling and comfort. This Pirelli is designed for long highway journeys but also still has good off-road grip when you get to your destination on- or off-road.

Take a look a two survey writers' opinions:

"I have had the Scorpion ATR on two different vehicles, and the reason i bought them twice is that they are a good tire for people who drive mostly on the road, but want something that is capable of light off-road use. These have been my favorite tire on this vehicle (Mitsubishi Endeavor) so far." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review

"I've had the Scorpion ATR on two different SUVs, and i bought them twice for good reason! They are a great tire for someone (like me) who mostly drives on the road, but wants a tire that isn't totally useless in a little mud. I'm sure there are much better off-road tires out there, and there certainly are better on-road tires, but these do a good job at both." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review

Pirelli Scorpion ATR is a good option for many on-road, but also offers good traction in off-road conditions and in snow.

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