Now is a Good Time to Read Some BF Goodrich Reviews

Now is a good time to read some tire reviews on BFGoodrich Tires as there is a $60 mail-in offer on select sets of four BFGoodrich tires now through September 23rd.

Let's look at some tire reviews from consumers on the Performance Tires.

  • BFGoodrich g-Force R1 (Dry Racetrack & Autocross Only)
    "Great bang for the buck. I read "like a rolling pin on wheels" also "black super glue" I do concur! I do pity da fools behind me at the track." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review
  • BFGoodrich g-Force Sport (Ultra High Performance Summer)
    "Superb handling. I hit the kink at Road America at 115mph in my street car and felt no loss of stability, they have excellent grip and very decent rain traction surprisingly. I expected these tires to last a summer (1-2 lap days a year and 10,000 miles commuting to work) but after a full year I've gone through an entire set of brakes and the tires are still like new. This is an extremely sticky and competitive tire for the street and I've been very happy on it." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review
  • BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KWD2 (Ultra High Performance Summer)
    "So far, so good. Great handling and traction, great in the rain, aggressive looking tread pattern, not too noisy, and not too harsh of a ride. Not many miles on them, but no complaints yet. Only used from spring to fall--once the daily temperatures stay below 40 degrees Fahrenheit I swap on the winter tires...for now I will say these are possibly the best summer tires available, especially considering the price." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review

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