Michelin HydroEdge, a name well earned!

A few days back on the way into the shop we had a torential rain storm.  Very crazy many cars pulling off the road, water pooling quickly as the  interstate road surface could not keep up with the rain.  I was very impressed with the Hydroplaning resistance of the Michelin HydroEdge.  You could feel the water going Thought the Hydro Chutes on the tires.  See the picture below with the directional tread pattern showing how the water is pumped away from the tires center.  Keeping the rubber in contact with the road.  I felt confident driving in that heavy rain situation as the car did not pull to either side.  In fact I just slowed down do to visibility and the other cars moving slowly along the interstate.  If you need a good passenger tire for rainy conditions the HydroEdge does live up to its name!
Michelin Hydro Edge

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