Matching Sets of Tires Always the Best Way to Go

Tire Rack’s consumer survey results offer a wealth of information to help improve the tire buying experience. I recently came across a survey for the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 – a tire that currently ranks first in the Extreme Performance Summer category and in our consumer survey results. The survey was submitted by an Audi A3 driver who had a negative experience with his Potenza RE-11 because he was using multiple brands of tires on his car.

This is a great tire in a dry street but horrible in a wet one. It is so horrible that maked me crash in a highway. The tires where on the rear of my car in front I have some Pirelli PZero Rosso that works really great. . . . In the wet you have no handling at all. I´ve had and excessive oversteer so hard that driving slow (50mph) in a highway in a straight line a simple lane change maked me loose control. —Tire Rack Consumer Review, Audi A3, Mexico

It is very important to match tires correctly. If an additional $400 had been spent on a full set of tires, this review would have been very different. The problem was not the tires; it was how the tires were used.

Vehicle balance is very important and mismatched tires do affect the handling of the vehicle. If you would never wear shoes that do not match, why would you mismatch tires on your vehicle? What if you did wear a running shoe on one foot and a sandal on the other? Not too comfortable and a little awkward. The same idea applies with mismatching tires on any vehicle.

Match those tires!

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