Just Purchased a New Car; Winter Wheels and Snow Tires or Just Snow Tires?

I just purchased a new car but the Orginal Equipment tires are scary in the snow! Tire Rack has a solution for you. A Winter / Snow Tire and Wheel Package. You may say "I don't want to pay the extra money to get the wheels."  Look at the purchase as an investment.  Let's walk through an example using ZIP Code 13201, Syracuse, NY.  Try the example on TireRack.com for your car.

Tire Rack has many winter tire and wheel combinations available to choose from.

First let's look at some benefits of a Winter / Snow Tire and Wheel Package:
  • Protect your summer wheels from winter's grime and harshness
  • Easy, bolt-on installation at your pace before the first snow
  • Free professional mount and balance using Hunter Road Force balancing
  • All lug hardware needed included at no charge.
  • Better winter traction with a narrower tire
Secondly, the pricing of the Winter / Snow Tire and Wheel Package: Now let's compare the same tire using the standard 245/40R18:
  • Using the 245/40R18 Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 ($164 ea)
  • Average installation in ZIP Code 13201 for the 245/40R18 size is $22.23 per tire.
  • Check the Recommended Installers list for the installation price in local markets
  • Total price shipped to 13201 is $705.94 plus an addtional $22.23 average install.
The tire and wheel option is an investment up front but does allow great benefits. Typically the life of a modern winter tire is 3-4 winters. Using that information, if one were to change tires back and forth twice per year for each winter the price would be $178.80 ($22.23 x 2 x 4 = $178.84). Total price to switch tires back and forth would be $536.40 - $715.20 depending if you see 3 or 4 winters. The investment pays off durring the second year of owning your package! You will be ahead $192.98 - $371.78 depending if your tires last 3 - 4 winters. Check out our selection of winter / snow tires and wheels!



Sunday, January 24, 2010 by Darryl Cervi

Just purchased a set of wheels and snow tires for my new BMW and wanted to pass on what a pleasent experience it was. Purchasing on-line can be trying at times and purchasing on-line from another country (Canada) really has it challenges with "surprise" extras. Your website was user friendly, wheels/tires arrived on time and exactly as ordered and most importantly the end price was EXACTLY what was identified on the work order. Tire tax, brokerage, custom fees were exactly as stated, thank you! FYI After all that I still saved over $600 on my order compared to the best I could do locally. My only negative was that the BMW custom socket for the "special" lug bolts did not fit in the new wheel lug bolt hole so I had to stop midway through changing my tires and go to the BMW dealership and pay $8 ea for 4 lug bolts. In future you may want to warn your buyer that this may be an issue and give them the option of purchasing 4 lug bolts/nuts at time of sale. Thanks again for the great service, Darryl

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