How Low Do They Go? Eibach Pro-Kit Springs.

Eibach Pro-Kit
Want to get rid of the extra room between your fender and your tire? Eibach Pro-Kit Springs can help give your car a more aggressive street look. Lowering springs will also help to reduce body roll under cornering and heavy braking/acceleration, offering the driver the best handling and aggressive, good looks without sacrificing ride quality.

Popular Applications for the Eibach Pro-Kit Springs*

YearApproximate Lowering Front/Rear
Audi A3'06-'091.2" Front1.0" Rear
BMW 135i Coupe'08-'091.2" Front1.2" Rear
Chrysler 300C'06-'091.6" Front1.6" Rear
Ford Mustang GT'05-'091.3" Front1.4" Rear
Mazda6 V6'091.2" Front1.4" Rear
MINI Cooper S'07-'091.2" Front1.2" Rear
Nissan 350Z'03-'081.0" Front1.0" Rear

See pricing and options for your vehicle.

*Lowering and availability may differ based on your exact fitment.

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