How does ride and handling change with H&R lowering springs?

H&R Ever wonder what to expect when changing out Original Equipment (O.E.) springs to lowering or race springs? The information below is a quick comparison between H&R O.E. Sport Springs, H&R Sport Springs and H&R Race Springs.

 H&R OE Sport Springs H&R Sport SpringsH&R Race Springs
ApplicationAverage Everyday DrivingSport Everyday DrivingTrack Use, Limited Street Use
LoweringSubtle .025-1.0" DropAverage 1.25" DropAverage 1.9" Drop
HandlingSame as O.E.Less Roll/Sqaut/DiveVery Little Roll/Squat/Dive
RideSame as New O.E.Firmer than O.E.Very Firm
AlignmentSame as O.E.May Require Alignment KitAlignment Kit Recommended
ConsiderationsNoneMay Require Alignment KitMay Require Suspension Modifications

Check our suspension fitment guide for the exact options and average lowering height for your vehicle.

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