Heavy Duty Light Truck Winter Tires

Winter tires for 2500/3500 series trucks, Sprinter vans and Econoline vans requiring a load range E, 10-ply rated tire are available at Tire Rack. There are a few good options available in sizes designed for these vehicles. 

The first decision to make is whether to go with the Light Truck Studless Ice and Snow or the Light Truck Studdable Winter / Snow Tires. If you see lots of ice or continuous packed snow, the studded tires may be used to give the extra traction to pull a heavy load or to help slow down. The trade-off is that these tires are not be the best option for dry or wet roads.  The Light Truck Studless Ice and Snow tire would be the best all-around tire for winter use on a mix of dry/wet and icy/snowy roads.

Bridgestone Blizzak W965Let's look at some top choices in each category.

Light Truck Studless Ice and Snow

Bridgestone Blizzak W965
  • Tube Multicell tread compound featuring microscopic pores and circumferential microchannels to reduce the layer of thin water generated when driving on snow and ice
  • Deep tread block tread pattern with zigzag sipes to provide maximum bitting edges and enhance winter traction with out the use of winter studs
Firestone Winterforce LT

Light Truck Studdable Winter / Snow

Firestone Winterforce LT

  • An economical option featuring deep tread blocks molded into a directional tread pattern
  • Optional TSMI #15 blue-colored metallic winter studs can be installed for $15 per tire
Two other options to mention are from the Studless Ice and Snow and then the Studdable winter tire categories. The Continental ExtremeWinterContact is also available in some sizes with the Load Range E, 10-ply rating and also the General AltiMAX Arctic which is a Studdable Winter / Snow tire with the Load Range E, 10-ply rating (in some sizes). 

Take a look to see which of these snow tires is available in the correct size for your vehicle.


Sunday, March 6, 2011 by Rick Kenyon

I am looking to buy a heavy duty 10 ply tire and not one of your tire descriptions have the number of plys that come with the tire!
Saturday, August 25, 2012 by virginia bachor

i am looking for rv tires for a toyota mh 185r14c but you don't have section for rv tires or ply's it would be helpful if you did thanks

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