Can I use non-run-flat tires on my car with run-flat tires?

The simple answer is yes! However switching from run-flats to non-run-flat tires could leave you on the side of the road if a road hazard occurs. Many times vehicles with run-flat tires do not have a spare tire in them. When switching to standard tires make sure you have a back-up plan in place if you do have a flat tire. A few options would be:
  • Carrying a spare tire, which will take up space and add weight to the car
  • Purchase a road side assistance program from a 3rd party source
  • Purchase the ContiComfort kit or a similar product
  • Stay close to home
Any of these three ideas will work how ever if it is a blow-out or sidewall puncture the ContiComfortKit or similar product would not be the best repair. Many folks have switched from a run-flat to a standard tire but weigh the cons and pros to see which is best for you. If you decide to switch to a standard tire we do require switching all four tires at one time. 

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Friday, December 3, 2010 by Betsy

I have run flats. I have no issues with the ride quality. However this past weekend I was 200 miles from home and started my trip home. After driving about 10 miles i felt like I was driving on a square tire. Another 10 miles resulted in a blow out of the tire the inner side wall seporated from the tread on half the circumference of the tire. the next hiway exit was 40 miles down the road. The tire sidewall held the car up but it was a slow drive and at the end of 40 miles it wa so hot I thought I wa not far from the tire catching fire. I was stranded. thank god for AAA who towed me and additional 50 miles to by a tire (non-run flat) to get me home.( could not replace them all as the tire shop did not have equipment to get remaining RFT off the rims) So not sure RFT do more than get you off the highway slowly surely not as mind comforting as a spare.

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