Blizzak Snow Tires Brought Me Through Again

Bridgestone Winter TiresAs the Tire Rack is currently conducting road rides and also testing winter tires at a local ice ring.  I remember a trip into work last December on my snow tires the Bridgestone Blizzak WS 60.  The weather had been cold with lots of snow, then turned warm with lots of freezing rain and black ice.  Of course any time the weather gets really bad it seems to happen late at night so the road commission doesn't have time to get the roads prepped for the am rush.  Luckily I am only about 15 minutes from the office.  The roads where so slick when I stopped my Chevy Impala to check on another car that slid off into the ditch just in front of me; my car started slidding off to the side just from the small crown in the road, but long as you kept things in motion the WS 60Blizzak Snow tires which are studless gripped the road well enough to get me safely into work on time.  Some of my counterparts that had to come from further away experienced travel times almost quadrupled the normal commute.  As you can tell things where very bad and most of Indiana was under emergency operation only.  If you need to be at your destination like I do every day to do business.  The Blizzak WS 60 winter tires have not let me down yet!  The Tire Rack does also offer additional snow tire ratings though our customer survey results on the winter tires and performance winter tires.  Once a purchase is made you are welcome to provide feedback on your Bridgestone snow tires or any other tire.

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