Are Winter / Snow Tires Worth It?

Winter driving on snow tires for the first time is a whole new driving experience. Once you've driven on a good set of winter / snow tires you'll never want anything else. A good set of winter / snow tires will offer better grip over all-season tires. It is like putting your boots on to go shovel the driveway rather than wearing your tennis shoes — it's best for your car, too.

Here's feedback from Tire Rack customers using winter tires:

Winter / Snow Tires"Got these (Bridgestone Blizzak WS60) tires for my Legend and it exceeded my expectations on the winter roads. It brakes suddenly, full turns without slippage and it's amazing in the deep snow and icy roads. Have so much more confidence in the car with these Blizzak tires. I've just purchased the Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 for my '05 Legacy LGT, so will be testing those out this winter."

"Just bought a set of these (Michelin X-Ice Xi2) to prepare for winter in MN. We had a major blizzard today with about 8 inches of heavy wet snow. Roads were horrific, yet with these tires I was calmly and confidently driving around town while others seemed to be having alot of difficulty. I've never had a snow tire, but compared to the all-seasons I've used over the years, these have much better traction and handling in both light snow, heavy snow, and slush. Have not tried them yet on ice. They also seemed to drive well on the freeway too. So far, I highly recommend."

Yes, winter tires do improve the winter driving experience. See what winter / snow tires will work best for your vehicle.

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