Answers to All Your Winter Tire Questions

Winter Driving Tire Rack hears lots of questions regarding the use of snow tires. Many people are considering winter tires right now, so check out Tire Rack's answers to the most frequently asked questions shown below. 
  • Do I really need winter tires?
  • Won't all-season tires work just fine?
  • Why four winter tires?
  • What if my car has traction control?
  • What if my car has ABS brakes?
  • What if my car has front-wheel drive?
  • What if my car has all-wheel drive?
  • Isn't it better to stay off the roads if it's really bad?
  • Won't it help if I just drive slowly and carefully?
  • Aren't winter tires expensive?
Using winter / snow tires will take the white knuckle driving out of winter, but remember to use snow tires in the manor they where intended to be used. Things like ABS, all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, stability control systems and terrain management systems are just tools that work in conjunction with tires to start, stop and steer the vehicle safely.

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