All-Season Tires -- Are They Really Good in All-Seaons?

Are all-season tires the best way to go? Or, is it best to switch to seasonal-use tires (winters/summers)? All-season tires are just that -- a tire that can be used year-round. They will do all things but nothing particularly well. Just look in your closet at the amount of shoes you may have. You wouldn't wear tennis shoes out in a snow storm, but routinely drivers take their car out in a snow storm with all-season tires on.

Tennis shoes are similar to an all-season tire. You could wear them in all conditions, but they may not be the best in bad weather, like snow and ice. Boots would be similar to winter / snow tires. They offer much better traction and keep you safer on the snow and ice, but just as you would not want to wear a winter boot in the summer, a winter tire should not be used in the summer.

If you have trouble starting, stopping, or are looking for more confidence in winter driving, it is a good idea to check out which snow tire will work best for you. If you typically use summer tires, but temperatures in your region dip below 40 degrees consistently, I would recommend looking at a Performance Winter / Snow tire.

Our Tire Decision Guide can help you choose the right tire for your needs.


Sunday, August 25, 2013 by Ray Bregante

I am looking for an all season tire for my Turbo Panamera - want to use it to drive from the SF bay area to Tahoe in the winter - have summer tires.
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 by ben@tirerack

If you have the 19" wheels, you could use these Michelins:

They do also make them for the optional 20" wheels as well.

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