Acura Brake Pads at Tire Rack Stop Smoothly

Meet your stopping needs with brakes and brake rotors available for your Acura. Don't worry about picking the wrong products. We check every order before we ship it out and offer lots of user reviews on the brake system products we sell. And our search results by vehicle will only generate a list of products that are specifically a fit for your vehicle.Use...  Read More

Cryogenically treated rotors can improve brake system performance.

The process of cryogenically treating brake rotors can drastically improve the way a brake system performs. Cryogenically treated metal is cooled well below a zero-degree temperature, slowly returned to room temperature, and treated with heat to complete the process. Although you can't see the results, the metal is significantly altered and is able to...  Read More

Hawk Brake Pads for Your Performance Car

Are your brakes a little tired? Looking for high performance pads for your sports car? Try the brake pads that I always use: Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads. Hawk Performance is the Original Equipment recommended performance brake pad upgrade for Chevrolet Corvettes and is an accessory performance brake pad supplier for Mazda, Nissan and Hyundai. They also...  Read More

Need low dust break pads? Try ceramics!

If you are looking to upgrade your Original Equipment semi-metallic or organic brake pads with a pad that offers smooth, quiet, braking with lower dust output, ceramic pads may just be the answer! Unless your vehicle was equipped with ceramic pads from the factory, you likely notice your wheels are covered with dust within a day or two after washing them -...  Read More

Pontiac Brake Pads and Rotors

Last weekend’s project was to replace the brakes on my Pontiac. The O.E. brake rotors and pads had served us well but it was time for something a little better. Over the winters, the rotors had rusted and didn't look as good.The nice thing about brake systems (brake pad and brake rotor combination) at Tire Rack is that there is usually more than one option...  Read More

"It's a Jeep Thing" Brake Time

As with any modification, there are always going to be changes in the performance of the vehicle. While the Dick Cepek wheels and BFGoodrich tires look and perform great, the braking system on the Jeep is now a little slow to stop the extra rotating mass. A simple upgrade on the front brake pads should be enough to bring it back to the stock or better ...  Read More

Ceramic Disc brake Pads: What our customers are saying.

Ceramic disc brake pads tend to lessen excess brake noise and dust, which is a common side effect of semi-metallic brake pads. In addition, ceramic pads handle high brake temperatures with less heat fade while promoting a speedy recovery after harsh stopping. Ceramic disc brake pads certainly are among the best of the best brake components out there, which...  Read More

Hawkish on Brakes

Are you looking for better stopping power, lower noise and dust, less pad and rotor wear? Then you need to get "Hawkish" about your brakes. Hawk Performance brake pads have been successful in motorsports for almost 20 years. SCCA, NASA, CART and NASCAR are just a few of the many professional and amateur racing organizations worldwide whose participants use...  Read More

Brake Squeak!

Are you having issues with your brakes squeaking? Is it time for a replacement or are they fairly new?Let's start with the possibility that they need to be replaced. Often the manufacturer of your brake pad will add metal clips that cause squealing or squeaking to occur when the pads are worn. If this seems to be the case, time for new brakes. Here is a...  Read More


I don't know about everyone else, but in my opinion there is nothing worse than not being able to stop. So let's take a minute to talk about brakes. Stopping power is derived from the friction material. Friction material is more commonly known as a brake pad. Pads create friction against the rotor which allows the vehicle to stop. This whole process creates...  Read More

Have you checked the brakes?

It may be time to upgrade the brakes on your vehicle. I just recently installed the Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads on my vehicle. What a big difference from the original brake pads. The Hawk brake pads are a smooth, quiet and clean pad that provide exceptional stopping power. The Hawk pads give you the confidence you need in all driving conditions.The next...  Read More

Looking for advanced friction technology? Choose Hawk brake pads.

Car brake pads don't last forever. There are a number of available replacement brake pads. And the leader in advanced friction technology? Hawk performance brake pads. If it's time to replace brake pads on your vehicle, you'll want to check out our inventory of Hawk products — whether you're driving the streets or the track. Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake...  Read More

When you buy brake pads, choose from the right performance category.

As we all know, brake pads are a crucial element of your vehicle. Buy the wrong ones, or install them incorrectly, and a whole heck of a lot can go wrong—that's why we do our best to help you out when you need to buy brake pads. Starting with performance categories. Find out where your vehicle resides, and we can narrow down a selection of brake pads that...  Read More

Akebono ProACT™ Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

Looking to upgrade from conventional brake pads? Akebono ProACT™ ceramic brakes are an excellent option—they even appear as Original Equipment on some of North America's most popular cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles."I chose these pads because I wanted something better than stock, with little fade, and less brake dust that would not eat up my...  Read More

Brake Pads and Rotors at the Tire Rack, Customize Your Brake System

Ever thought to buy brake pads and rotors online? With Tire Rack you can buy brake pads and brake rotors of your choice shipped to you, or your installer. Tire Rack has brake components to fit your vehicle broken down into four performance categories to help with the selection process. Premium Performance Street Autocross/Track Truck & SUV About a year ago,...  Read More

Are car and SUV brakes the same?

Technically speaking, the answer is no. They're very different. It's fairly obvious that an SUV is larger and therefore weighs more than a car. To reference Sir Isaac Newton, that means a greater force will be needed to stop an SUV when it is in motion. It's the law of physics, and we've made it the law of brakes, too.SUV brakes take into account stop and go...  Read More

Hawk Brake Options at the Tire Rack

Like the many tire options available at the Tire Rack.  There are quite a few brake pads available.  Tire Rack carries Hawk brake pads.  Hawk brakes do a good job offering brake pads in each performance category to enhance your brake system. Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads Developed to meet the ultra-low dust and low noise attributes of O.E. ceramic...  Read More

Hawk Brake Pads

Leading the industry with advanced friction technology, Hawk brake pads have a strong following among weekend racing enthusiasts. And as they continue to develop high performance brake pads, Hawk is gaining popularity among everyday drivers, too. Hawk supplies accessory performance brake pads to Mazda, Nissa and Hyundai, and Hawk brake pads are recommended...  Read More

Looking for Acura brake pads?

Shopping by vehicle is the best way to determine appropriate brake component upgrades. If you drive an Acura, you'll want brake pads that correspond to your Acura's performance level. It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that installing the wrong brake components can lead to a whole slew of performance and safety issues.If you drive a 2009 TSX...  Read More

Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

Brake-generated noise and dust are a common annoyance. It is, however, on that's easy to combat. We have the evolution of brake pad materials to thank for that. Historically, the brake industry went from asbestos to semi-metallic pads. And now, many vehicles are incorporating ceramic disc brake pads (like the Hawk Performance Ceramic pads shown). They...  Read More