Under Pressure: Pressure Gauge vs. Ambient Temperature

Originally written for Grassroots Motorsports magazine late last year. As we fine-tune our setups, we often make small tire pressure adjustments to help balance the car and manage tire wear. Small changes can make a difference, and the gap between winning and second place can be smaller still. So how accurate is your tire pressure gauge?To find out how the...  Read More

Braille: Buy your next car battery with confidence.

Any Braille car battery provides "lightweight performance you can feel." At Tire Rack, we're fully confident in their ability to keep you going—and we're not alone. Many racecar drivers choose Braille over the competition, running them in cars at events like the Speed World Challenge Series and in FIA Formula Racing. Every Braille car battery features an...  Read More

The "more than just tires online" store, that's us.

At Tire Rack, we strive to be more than just a tires online store. We post products like everyone else, but we take it a few steps further by offering multiple resources that guide you throughout the purchasing process. From the Upgrade Garage to thousands of Tire Rack Consumer Reviews, even test results we achieved on our own test track—we're all about...  Read More

Buy car battery today!

Make today the day you check your car battery. It's the heartbeat of your car, and it should be in excellent shape. Tire Rack stocks a number of batteries from Braille Auto, all of which are ready to ship from one of our distribution centers.Every Braille battery features an energy-to-weight ratio that leads the industry. Enhanced Mat Technology increases...  Read More

Stay safe this holiday travel season

     If you're like me, you always forget something when leaving the house for the holidays. The GPS power cord, sunglasses, house keys, etc.  If traveling this season take some time to prep your car for the drive. Below are a few things you can do at home to ensure a smooth and safe trip.  Check your air pressure. Keeping them within spec will help ensure...  Read More