Winter is near

I hate to admit it but the winter snow tire season is near.  Every year I take off my summer wheels and tires around the second week of November.  I wash and wax them and put them away for the cold months.  I then break out the Bridgestone Blizzaks for the BMW and the Honda.  My neighbors wander what I am doing but I know what is coming.
I tried to talk my neighbor into the Blizzaks for her Honda Odyssey but she thought it was just too much of a hassle and money.
The way I look at it is it is the cheapest insurance I can get.  One slide off into something and the wheels and tires are paid for.  Plus it gives me a reason to buy more wheels for the car and I get better handling summer tires.   Sounds like a win win for me.
I had to convince my wife but only before she drove on the Blizzaks.  She will not go through the winter without them now.
As much as I hate to see it summer is over...bring on the snow.


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