Check out the wheels on the new Speedsource Mazdaspeed3. Those are the O.Z. Alleggerita HLT. They are a street wheel being used on a race car in the Continental Challenge Street Tuner class and give more than enough performance and durability to handle the track and the street. They are a lightweight 15.6 lbs on a 17X8 wheel and are available in custom colors for a nice look on the street or track.

You can see the cars racing in the Grand Am Series. They are also using a new Conti R compound tire that is made for Continental by Hoosier Racing Tire.  In this series you get to see the door-to-door racing while the cars are actually turning right and left.  Plus, they are a street car made into a race car. If you have never been to one of these races you should check it out. The drivers are accessible and you can get right into the pits to see everything that goes on. Normally on a weekend of racing you will see five or six different types of events one after another.

"Zoom Zoom"

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