Lowered Cars the Right Way

You have the new plus one or plus two Wheel & Tire Package on your BMW and you are thinking you don't like the wheel well gap. What do you do?

The correct answer -- lower the car with some new springs from H & R. That will take away the wheel well gap without giving up the ride quality you like. H & R Sport Springs have the handling characteristics and aggressive appearance that you are looking for. The good thing is you don't have to give up the comfort to get it. You also get more control from springs engineered for the street. They are crafted from special spring steel to ensure quality and performance and come with a lifetime defect warranty. 

Vehicle performance is also improved by sport springs in two ways: they reduce ride height and have higher spring rates that are carefully tuned to the vehicle. This ensures sufficient load capacity and lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity for added stability. It also improves the vehicle’s responsiveness by reducing body movement, allowing the tires to function more effectively when performing at their limits.

Now that you have the look and the performance for the street that you want, what can you do next?

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