Need new car springs? Go pro.

Take your car springs up a notch with a sport-level suspension upgrade from Eibach Springs, the industry's leading aftermarket suspension product manufacturer. The Pro-System Kit, pictured at left, brings together Eibach's most popular suspension products: Pro-Kit Sport Springs and Pro Damper Sport Shocks. It will lower your vehicle about 1-1/2", improving...  Read More

BMW Wheels and More

Pretty cars need pretty wheels. Or, to take it from another perspective—high performance vehicles benefit from aftermarket wheels to enhance tire performance and handling. But still, they do make a car look really good. The 2009 135i Coupe below features 18" O.Z. Racing Allegerita HLT wheels in an anthracite finish. The following BMW wheels will look just...  Read More

New Car FEVER !

I get alot of calls from people doing some research on tires prior to buying a new (or used) car, and I can't say it's a bad idea in the least! You'd be surprised how many people damage a tire on their "brand new baby" and are SHOCKED to find out that the fancy 19" wheel and tire option they added now has cost them an extra $50 to $75 more per tire than the...  Read More