Winter Rocks!!

Brdgestone Blizzak WS70If you are driving on Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 tires, that is.

The Blizzak WS70 features Bridgestone's famous winter fighting Tube Multicell compound. The Tube Multicell compound features thousands of microscopic tubes and cells uniformly distributed throughout the compound that draw away the water that often forms between the tire's contact patch and snow-packed and icy roads. The flexible rubber compound improves the tire's grip in cold conditions and tiny bite particles attached to the tubes provide traction by scratching away at packed snow and icy surfaces.

Molded into a directional compound, the tread design consists of a circumferential center rib surrounded by independent intermediate and shoulder blocks that feature zigzag sipes to enhance dry road performance and snow, ice and wet traction. To increase hydroplaning resistance and enhance braking force on snow-covered and icy roads, four main circumferential grooves help disperse water and slush away from the tire's contact patch

As always, the Blizzak WS70 should be used in matching sets of four only. This is true for any winter only tire.

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