What is that goofy looking new Firestone Tire?

That would be the new Firestone Destination ST Street/Sport Truck All-Season tire.

While this tire may look a bit awkward to some, its unique asymmetrical tread design provides outstanding performance.

The Firestone Destination ST is designed with large stable outboard shoulders that turn into independent tread blocks. These blocks are separated by large, water evacuating crisscrossing grooves that provide multiple biting edges to promote good all-season performance. The inboard shoulder has a wide circumferential groove and independent shoulder blocks. This helps with water evacuation and promotes hydroplaning resistance as well as aids in inclement weather traction.

During my test drive on this tire I found it to be very nimble, responsive and crisp for a large Street/Sport Truck All-Season tire. And at the same time, I found it to be a very comfortable and quiet tire. Way to go Firestone!

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