Got Torque?

Well, the correct torque anyway. Most people are unaware that when putting on your wheels, you need to make sure you are torquing them down to the correct foot pounds of torque. This is true if the wheels are your original equipment wheels or a brand new set of aftermarket wheels and tires you just purchased from Tire Rack. This can be done inexpensively with a torque wrench from the Tire Rack.

Why do you need to torque your wheels correctly? This needs to be done for three simple reasons.

1) Not enough torque can cause a wheel to loosen up and fall off.

2) Too much torque can strip or damage a lug stud causing the loss of a lug. This can cause vibration or the loss of a wheel over time.

3) Uneven torque can cause vibrations or warp your brake rotors, causing poor brake performance and brake vibration.

Torque specs vary by car and manufacturer. To find out your vehicle's specific torque spec, simply check your owner's manual

Our Adjustable Torque Wrench sells for $39.95 (plus freight) and is adjustable up to 150 ft./lbs. This is plenty of foot pounds for most automotive applications.

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