Burger Without Fries?

When was the last time you had a hamburger and did not get fries? You probably order the fries without even thinking about it. This may seem like an unusual topic, but work with me for a minute. We as humans are creatures of habit, once we settle into a routine it becomes almost second nature to us.

Say you just got your new Tire & Wheel Package from Tire Rack and you are getting ready to install it. You get all the lug hardware on and get ready to tighten the lug nuts down, but you don’t have a torque wrench. D’oh!, Strike one! What will you do? Call your buddy and hope that he has one? What if he doesn't? Now what? Now you need to go to a shop and pay them to torque down your wheels properly.

While at the shop, the mechanic comments on your nice, new wheels and asks where your locking lugs are? D’oh!, Strike two! Now you need to try and track down locking lugs or call Tire Rack and order a set. The simple and enjoyable task of putting on your brand new wheels and tires  just became an afternoon long headache.

The next time you purchase a Tire & Wheel Package, think to yourself, "Do I have a torque wrench to put these on?" If not, you can get one at Tire Rack for around $40. Also ask, "Do I have the locking lugs to keep my nice, new wheels and tires safe?" If not, you can get a set from Tire Rack for around $30. Once you get in the habit of making sure you have the required tools to do the job correctly, it becomes second nature. Just like always getting fries with your burger.

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