Blake's Take On Tires

My name is Blake, why do I have a take on tires?
I have been a tire and wheel specialist at the Tire Rack since 2002. However, I have been in the automotive industry most of my adult life. With my experiences at the Tire Rack as well as at other companies, I have learned many things  (tricks of the trade if you will). I have seen it all, from snow tires to track tires, big truck tires to low rolling resistance tires for hybrid vehicles.

The one thing I have learned is that nothing stays the same in the tire industry. This industry is always striving to do more and get more out of the product that is produced. There are many new advances in tire design and construction that come out on what seems like a daily basis at times.

If you would like personal help, or just my take on a tire you may be interested in, just drop me an e mail, or give me a call. I will be happy to give you the help that you require. At the Tire Rack we carry 18 major brands of tires from Avon tires to Yokohama tires. I am sure we can find a tire that will fit your needs.


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