Winter Tires and Wheels for Your New Honda Accord

The 2014 Honda Accord is one of the top-selling cars in America. In most cases, it comes equipped with Michelin or Goodyear all-season tires, which are suitable for mild winters. If you reside in an area that experiences severe winters, with substantial snowfall and icy conditions, a set of winter / snow tires will be a big improvement over your Original Equipment.

Our Preferred Package for this vehicle uses the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 for outstanding ice and snow traction. We mount them on value-priced black steel wheels.

One reason to purchase them installed on wheels is convenience. With the tires already mounted and balanced, you can change them yourself with just a jack and a lug wrench. Try getting an appointment at the local tire store when the first snow of the winter is about to hit and you'll quickly appreciate the flexibility of a do-it-yourself installation. To read about my personal experience of installing my own Tire & Wheel Package, check out "Why I Love Having My Winter Tires on Wheels."

Another great reason is preservation of your summer wheels. Winter roads are coated in slush, salt and other melting agents. These conditions can quickly leave your wheels looking sad and dingy. Let your winter wheels take the abuse, then put your nice, shiny wheels back on in the spring.

Also, the cost of mounting and balancing makes getting winter wheels a no-brainer. With an average mount and balance cost of $15 or more per tire, each time, that's a cost of $30 per tire, per year. With a wheel that costs approximately $60, it pays for itself in two years.

Start shopping and find a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package for your vehicle.

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